Sierra Finance
If your new or growing business has encountered credit or cash flow roadblocks on its way to success, Sierra Finance can help clear the way. We offer solutions for immediate cash needs allowing business owners to focus on productivity and increased sales rather than credit and cash flow. Best of all, we increase your company's working capital without increasing its debt!

Sierra Finance provides flexible financing that grows directly with your business; our customized funding and factoring services offer an instant cash advantage that was once only available to large companies. We can help your small business build its financial confidence especially if you have been close to missing payroll or delayed paying critical suppliers due to limited cash flow.

We are a full service accounts receivable finance company specializing in Accounts Receivable Financing (Factoring), Accounts Receivable Purchasing, and Purchase Order Financing. Sierra Finance is proud to provide working capital to businesses for Government & Military Contract Financing, Transportation & Trucking Factoring, General Business, International (Mexico), and Employee Staffing Funding.
Sierra Finance Serves
General Business
Trucking & Transportation
Government & Military Contracts
International (Mexico)
Employee Staffing
Customized Funding Solutions
Unlike a bank, Sierra Finance is not limited to regular financing options...
What is Factoring?
Factoring is the selling of a business's commercial accounts receivable for immediate cash...